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National natural heritage on Lake Constance

In our organic castle hotel, situated on the picturesque Lake Constance and below the foothills of the Alpstein massif, you will enjoy the diverse nature of the English Park. This green oasis in eastern Switzerland, where even Empress Zita stayed, was laid out by master craftsmen in 1860 and today, as a national garden monument, delights recreation seekers and lovers of nature and garden art alike.

On around 130,000 square metres you can stroll under shady lime trees, plane trees and chestnut trees, discover shady watercourses and secluded clearings.

Embedded in the park is also the castle garden (2500m2). There, rare vegetables, herbs, berries and flowers are cultivated for our guests. We have about 50 different herbs, about 60 different kinds of vegetables and about 250 different perennials, shrubs and flowers.
Mother Nature’s treasures are lovingly and biodynamically cultivated in the ProSpecieRara variety garden. Not only the garden culture will be found on the plates – also native wild herbs from the castle park inspire our kitchen artists to always new creations.

The Cabane – From Expo 02 to Warteggpark

The Cabane was originally designed by architect Jean Nouvel for Expo 02. It took an adventurous route to find its way to the Warteggpark, where it is now available to anyone interested as a space of silence. The key can be obtained at the hotel reception.

A non-profit association is committed to maintaining the Cabane and the events that take place there. Once a year, the Cabane becomes a temporary studio. The art installation that is created during this time is open to the public. The Cabane also offers space for events such as readings, concerts, cabaret or private functions. We are happy to inform interested parties.

Visit the new website of the Cabane:

Contact: Maria Schnellmann,,
Tel. 071 891 69 58 or Wartegg Castle,,
Tel. 071 858 62 62

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